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Welcome to HARP Platform (Public Arts Space/ (AL) Hapësira ARteve Publike) to built a sustainable system of governance for the public arts through citizen and community engagement in Tirana, by Ekphrasis Studio (NGO) in collaboration with the Tirana Municipality and Albanian Ministry of Culture (Memorandum of Cooperation signed on April 5, 2018). Through a diverse participatory process, HARP is a focal point to develop recommendations for policies and action plan, and make possible the digitization and distribution of public information for the public arts in Tirana.

On 13 December 2017, seven initiatives to boost the creative economy around the world were selected as the new beneficiaries of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) of the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.  Among them, was awarded for the first time for Albania, the project “Engaging Tirana’s Communities in Public Art and Policy” by Ekphrasis Studio (NGO), which has established the HARP Platform to study, promote and support the public arts.