Participate- Tirana Park(ing) Days/ HARP PARKon

//Participate- Tirana Park(ing) Days/ HARP PARKon

Participate- Tirana Park(ing) Days/ HARP PARKon

Participate in Tirana Park(ing) spaces

During September 21-22, 2019; 16:00-21:00 Ekphrasis Studio will be organizing HARP Park(ON)– Tirana Park(ing) Days with focus on democratic use of public spaces for diverse artistic and cultural expression with the participation of communities in public arts, and raise awareness about public spaces and our natural environment.

Ekphrasis Studio in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana and Ministry of Culture is inviting everyone, artists, citizens, businesses, NGOs, etc. to participate.

– You have to display at least one element related to the Theme: Nature
– Take place during September 21- 22, 2019; 4-9 PM
Take place in parking spaces in Tirana. Areas to be defined with the selected applicants. Suggestions are welcome!
*We encourage applications with participation and representation of women artists, marginalized, minority, periphery, LGBTI and other communities.

Please submit your application latest September 12 , 2019; 17:00. For more details visit or email

Ekphrasis Studio NGO in arts management and creative industries was granted in March 2018 the first UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity for Albania, for the project HARP- Public Arts Space“Engaging Tirana’s Communities in Public Arts and Policy” and has completed: 1st digital Public Arts Map for Tirana; 16 months of workshops, meetings, public consultations with communities and artists; 1st research and publication on “Public Arts Tirana Past and Present”; 2 survey reports of 770 responses; an International Conference on public arts, and the 1st Public Arts Policy and Action Plan (2019-2024) recommendations for Tirana based on the bottom up methodology, from the people to the institutions, submitted to the Ministry of Culture and Tirana Municipality on June 24, 2019.