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Through countless lifetimes of local ingenuity, cultural exchanges and the many different systems of governance, we see an in the use and interaction with the in and around Tirana.

Our aim in preparing this research is to document, raise awareness and encourage public dialogue about public arts in reference to public spaces. We present some examples of objects, influences, events, celebrations, costumes, sculptures, and other ways of artistic expression. Some have come and gone, while others have become embedded in Tirana. As different Generations and cultural periods have their memories, we have provided this content in chronological overview, to establish a sense of scale, understand a place and people in different times, discussion and bring this topic deeper into the.

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Here we share any curiosities in relation to public arts in shared spaces in Tirana. If there is any information you would like to share, please contact us at

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Recommendations for Civil-Public-Private Partnership (PCPP)

On June 24, 2019, at the Monument of Friendship in Tirana, a meeting was held by Ekphrasis Studio, NPO in arts and culture management, that submitted recommendations to representatives of Tirana Municipality and the Ministry of Culture, for a Policy and Action Plan (2019-2024) for arts in public spaces in Tirana, according to the bottom up methodology,

The recommendations for these strategic documents are based on various activities by Project – Public Arts Space over 16 months in Tirana, including the digital map of public arts in Tirana, research, the publication “Artistic Expressions of Past and Present“, workshops, meetings with artists, an international conference, analysis reports about 770 completed questionnaires, including businesses, NGOs, citizens, artists, etc.

These recommendations for a 5-year Policy and Action Plan for Arts in Public Spaces in Tirana are a common document for public institutions, such as the Municipality of Tirana and the Ministry of Culture, civil society and the private sector. The document proposes 33 actions through 5 strategic instruments for a comprehensive and sustainable decision and art making process for all stakeholders, through Civil Public-Private Partnerships (PCPPs) that reflect, educate and involve communities in the process of imagination, production and enjoyment of public arts.

Ekphrasis Studio is the first organization in Albania supported by the UNESCO – International Fund for Cultural Diversity. For more info: or visit the Community and International Cultural Center DITArt in Tirana

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